About the CEO:


Dr. Brigid Lenderborg (MoneyCashQueen) is an Afro-Latina businesswoman. She's a visionary, a mother, a grandmother, and an entrepreneur. She arrived in NYC in 1977 from the Dominican Republic and in 1990 she moved to South Florida with her two young children. 

Dr. Brigid Lenderborg received her Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from Trinity International University in May 2001. She continued her studies at Revelation University where she received her Master of Ministry in Christian & Clinical Counseling in November 2011 and her Doctor in Ministry in Divinity in July 2018. 

MoneyCashQueen opened her first business in 2001 and in 2003, she was awarded Businesswoman of the year by George H. W. Bush, President of the United States. 

Today, MoneyCashQueen is the CEO of 

LEND, LLC (Finance) 

SMARI Properties, LLC (Real Estate Investments) 

Insureit Solutions, LLC. (Insurance) 

Shop Financial Solutions, LLC (Financial Strategic & Investment ). 

With  30+ years of personal experience, and over 50 years of combined team experience, MoneyCashQueen and her team strive every day to provide the best alternative financial solutions for their clients.